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Why Buy Australian?

eScuba 60 Day Money-back Guarantee

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eScuba distributes Sherwood, SeaLife, Akona, Spare Air, Dive Alert, Ocean Quest, Tank Titan & Slip Ins in Australia to dealers & directly to customers. eScuba provides full Australian warranty service & repair.

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Sherwood Scuba Gear

Sherwood Scuba

is celebrating 60 years of building safe, reliable dive equipment with unending passion for excellence while listening to customer needs. See more Sherwood scuba products include scuba regulators, octos, BCs, computers, gauges, masks, fins, snorkels, tanks, and valves. Sherwood Scuba has always been one of the "go to" brands in the diving industry with over 1,100 retailers in the US and Canada and representation in over 200 countries worldwide. Sherwood scuba products are robustly engineered for dependable performance in the most rigorous real world conditions, and are specifically designed and precisely manufactured to perform consistently in all environments. See less

Akona Scuba Gear


products are built for any adventure in any climate, any environment, and are uniquely designed for activities both below water and above. See more Akona manufactures quality adventure gear for scuba diving and snorkeling, including dive gear bags, wetsuits, hoods, boots, gloves, masks, fins, snorkels, and scuba diving accessories. Akona diving products are engineered to be rugged, versatile, and used for a lifetime of exploration. See less

Submersible Systems Spare Air

Spare Air

has been in service for 35 years, offering the smallest redundant SCUBA system available with enough air to get you to the surface in an out-of-air emergency. See more Safety minded divers rely on Spare Air to provide a life-saving product and peace of mind. With over 250,000 sold, Spare Air products have been tested and approved by the U.S. Navy and users like you. Spare Air also works to educate the world about preventable drowning and safe diving. See less

SeaLife Underwater Cameras


has made the world's most popular underwater cameras for over 25 years. They offer a wide range of diving and snorkeling cameras and accessories. See more SeaLife has a broad range of underwater lighting and wide angle lenses. SeaLife supports the dive industry through the development of products and programs that encourage underwater discovery and awareness of the world's oceans. They are constantly evaluating their underwater photography product line to ensure their equipment delivers the most consistent results, even in extreme and difficult conditions. SeaLife's goal is to develop innovative underwater cameras and accessories that make underwater photography easily accessible. Their new camera, the Micro HD Underwater Camera, offers a wide field of view, incredible HD video performance, and almost no maintenence. Their Sea Dragon Lighting products are essential to bringing out bright colors in underwater photos and videos, assisted by Flex-Connect trays, grips, and arms. See less

Ideations Dive Alert

Dive Alert

provides reliable and user-friendly safety and signaling devices, including the DiveAlert and DiveAlert Plus. See more Both of these products are specially designed, small, lightweight air horns that use quick-connect/disconnect hose couplings to become an integrated part of your power inflator and buoyancy compensator. Installation is easy and does not require any modification to your equipment. The DiveAlert comes in 3 different models to accomodate 3 different connectors: DA1, DA2, and DA3. The DiveAlert Plus accommodates the DV1, DV2, and DV3 connectors. The activator buttons on these products engage a chrome-plated brass actuator valve stem causing a small amount of air to rush by a stainless steel diaphragm, emitting a piercingly loud sound that can travel one mile away from a diver in need above water. Underwater, you can sound for attention with a squeeze of the device. DiveAlert and DiveAlert Plus are valuable parts of any diver's kit that have proven their importance time and time again. See less

Ocean Quest Scuba Gear

Ocean Quest

has offered high performance dive essentials, including wetsuits, boots, gloves, hoods, masks, snorkels, lycra, and fins for over a decade. See more Ocean Quest Diving Systems provies all the scuba essentials to make your dive more comfortable and enjoyable. See less

Tank Titan scuba tank holder

Tank Titan

offers inflatable dive tank storage and transportation units that are rugged, durable, lightweight, and boat-friendly. See more Tank Titan products were created because recreation divers, commercial divers, and everyday boaters wanted a better way to bring 4-6 dive tanks on their boats. Tank holders and racks currently on the market either require drilling holes in your boat and attaching permament hardware, or are made of hard plastics and metal that can be tough on the deck and your toes. Other tanks are simply lain on the deck, which causes chips and scratches, not to mention can be dangerous when the seas kick up. Tank Titan units are constructed of a heavy duty "P.V.C. Blend" material, similar to that of inflatable life rafts. Unlike other tank holders and racks, Tank Titan units are rugged, durable, lightweight, and boat-friendly. See less

Slip Ins Dive Skins

Slip Ins

offers silky smooth, flattering garments aimed to increase the benefits of wearing a wetsuit and of exercising. See more Their products include SurfSkins, GymSkins, DudeSkins, and DiveSkins. SurfSkins and DiveSkins are worn under a wetsuit and make getting in and out of wetsuits ridiculously easy. GymSkins allow for muscle compression which allows the wearer to exercise longer and more efficiently. DudeSkins are tight-fitting knee length shorts that prevent rashes and irritation. Slip Ins are bold, beautifully designed creations that even offer a 60+ SPF rating. See less

Featured Item
Avid CQR3 Scuba BCD


USD $499.95 = AUD $689.93

  • Completely new and redesigned CQR3 state of the Art Weight Release System (quick release buckles with-out Velcro)


Featured Item
Micro HD Plus 32 GB - WiFi

Micro HD Plus Underwater Camera

USD $499.95 = AUD $689.93

  • 13 Megapixel / 1080p HD Video
  • 140 degree Fisheye Lens
  • 32 GB Internal Memory


Featured Item
Titanium Dive Knife

Titanium Dive Knife

USD $74.95 = AUD $103.43

  • Sharp or Blunt point knife
  • 100% corrosion resistant
  • Will not rust


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Planula B&B Resort


Planula B&B Resort offers beautiful accommodation set on over 50 acres including tropical landscaped gardens just over 3km from the centre of Byron Bay. You will love the relaxed atmosphere created in this modern B&B style retreat.

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Underwater photos taken with SeaLife cameras.

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