Spare Air Saved My Life

"I thought I had enough air when beginning ascent, but more time passed than expected. The SPARE AIR saved my day and bacon!" Ron Milam, Missoula MT

"Being an instructor I have a sense of security because I know I have my Spare Air. I do not enter the water without it. It gives you the control to make that ascent. My dive masters use it, I use it, my students use it. I feel comfortable with the fact that it's always there." Dave Martinache, Lakewood, CO

"Mr. Williamson, your product prevented a difficult situation from becoming a tragedy and I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks. The convenience and reliability of the Spare Air has indeed proven itself to me and I commend you for it." Richard Theiss, Arcadia, CA

"I would probably have been able to get free without the Spare Air but I'm glad I didn't have to find out." Jeff Hampsten, H&H Dive & Travel, Pocatello, ID

"This is to inform you that your SPARE AIR has saved another one. At 12 ft. I probably could have surfaced without any breathing air but the possession of an emergency backup kept me from panic. The bottom line is that I got my investment back in a few precarious minutes. So many thanks to you and your company." Ernie Miller, Baton Rouge, LA

"At about 80 feet my regulator started breathing very hard. I switched to my Spare Air and continued my accent uneventfully. You can rest assured I will never dive without this piece of equipment - I consider it a must!" Richard Bass

"While diving in Aruba, I was given a newly serviced tank. Someone had used the wrong size o-ring for the valve. The result was that after a few minutes, and at 95', the O-ring blew, emptying my tank in seconds. The young lady that I was asked by the local school to supervise did not have an Octopus and was on her third dive! So I had to rely entirely upon my SPARE AIR." Frits A. Louw, Netherlands

"I apparently had some type of malfunction in my equipment and it required me to use the SPARE AIR in an emergency ascent. To this day I do not know what happened, but I believe strongly in the SPARE AIR. I have carried a SPARE AIR with me as standard equipment for two years, but this is the first time I have had to use it in an emergency situation. If I had an Octopus only, I've often wondered what would have happened. When you have only a few seconds time to react because of an out-of-air situation, no questions asked, you should have a SPARE AIR within reach so you don't have to think twice about what you should do." Joyce Ripley, Yuba City, CA

"I had just begun to head for the surface and my dive computer was signaling for me to slow my descent. Right then I felt myself take my last breathe of air from the tank. It was empty, I was at 75 feet, and my dive buddy was nowhere to be seen. I grabbed my Spare Air and took the sweetest breath of air in 36 years. By the time I got to the surface, that Spare Air was empty and I am convinced that I couldn't have made it up without the edge your product gave me." David F., New York

"I would like to thank you and your wonderful device that you have created. If it were not so, I could not have written you this letter." Steve Martell, Vancouver, BC

"I went out on the boat without checking the rental tank. I didn't have a full tank of air and ended up at 60 ft. without air. I gave my dive buddy the out of air sign, he didn't know what it was and he didn't have an octopus either. So I did what any safety-oriented diver would do. I just reached down on my BC and got out my Spare Air and made a safe ascent. Thank you Spare Air!" Arthur Cleve Barnes, PADI Divemaster, Panama City, FL

"This Spare Air system saved my life. I have logged over 9000 dives, and I never experienced a complete failure of my gauge system before. The Spare Air system gave me enough air to swim over to my buddy and locate, secure, and breathe from his alternate air source second stage. I hope that I never again have another complete failure of my life support system while diving, but it's good to know that my Spare Air unit is always there for me when I need it!" Capt. Bruce Besser, PADI Master Instructor, Beach Divers Hawaii

"Your system might not give a diver the exact same ease of breathing as a two stage regulator, but at 80 feet, who's complaining. My regulator is presently in the shop being checked. Even before I purchased Spare Air I recognized it as a life saving device far more flexible than having a spare regulator on your tank. My humble thanks to all the people that have brought the Spare Air system to the divers of the world." John Tuckish, Washington DC

"I have to share my experience with you. I am a newly certified diver. I went to Cozumel with friends; on my 8th dive I had a tank failure at about 28 ft. No air and my dive buddy was not paying attention to me. So I ditched weights, pulled out Spare Air and made an easy ascent to the surface. All my dive buddies plan on getting Spare Air's prior to our next trip." Rob Silverman, MD, Fayetteville, NY

"I became very interested in your redundant air system after one of my best friends died in a diving accident off the Washington Coast. Although my friend was fully equipped with an octopus regulator system he drowned in only 20 feet of water on a clear calm day. He had been diving several years, however, in this case the Spare Air cylinder probably could have saved his life." William Dana, Kelso, WA

"The driving factor that led me to buy a Spare Air was an equipment failure that happened to me. While diving in 80 ft. of water the high-pressure hose to my instrument console ruptured. I began to ascend as rapidly as possible and just before breaking the surface I ran out of air. Ten more feet or a couple of more seconds and I would have been in some serious trouble. Never Again Without Spare Air!!" Frank Cone

"I had one situation in my diving career where I was confronted with a no-air emergency 70 ft. down. The mouthpiece on my regulator became dislodged in the current and I inhaled a full breath of water. After that incident I realized I was lucky. Had I owned a Spare Air I could have had a separate air supply. I will recommend Spare Air!" Gary Ungar, PADI Instructor, Nashville, TN

"Just after I took one photo, my tank's o-ring blew out! At the surface I tried to use my power inflator to inflate my BC. It failed and my regulator stopped breathing at the same time. I was unable to keep my head high enough to orally inflate my BC and actually inhaled some water. I had almost drowned when my buddy gave me his regulator. If only I'd had a Spare Air to breathe from! I'll never dive again anywhere, not even in twelve feet of water, without a Spare Air along!" Dr. Ingrid Pruss

"Will not happen to me! It did. I have been diving in Cozumel for over 30 years. The more dives I made, (over 500) the more confident I became. I entered from shore on the North end of the Island, I strapped on my Spare Air for the first time and started the long swim out to the area where I have seen numerous Eagle Rays. I made it out to ledge and started my wait for the Eagle Rays. Once I dropped within two feet of the bottom, I was swept over the edge by a down draft current that I have never experienced. It was as if I had dropped into a waterfall. I was swept over the edge and was sucked down to two hundred feet before I knew what happened. I immediately inflated my BC to slow my decent but nothing helped. I had no time to dump my weights as everything happened in a split second. I fought to get to the wall to grab on because I knew I had to stop my decent or I was dead. At that point I quickly checked my air. 100 PSI. I started clawing my way up the wall. The current was so strong that it pulled my mask off my face. I took a breath and felt that terrible feeling when you know that you have little if any air left. I knew that I was probably down to zero air. I was correct. I grabbed my Spare Air and took my first breath from it at 120 feet down. My last breath was at 60 feet. I pulled up the wall and kicked for my life. I popped to the surface and took a HUGE breath of sweet air. Swam to shore and drove myself to the Hyperbolic Chamber. I was lucky. No DCS. No symptoms whatsoever. My dive computer showed a depth of 205 feet. Thank You Spare Air!" Mark Kay, Belleair Beach, FL

"I wish I could tell people who never think it could happen to them that it is very possible. I wish more people could see that Spare Air gives them the extra air needed to get back up and that their octopus won't do that for them. I know some people say that it costs more than other products, but I ask what is your life worth? I don't like to think about what could have happened to me if I wasn't wearing my Spare Air. I don't know if I would still be walking around in good health. All I can say is that I don't dive without it!" George L. Lucas, Divers World

"Dive with a buddy, monitor your SPG, use an alternate air source, surface with 500 psi of air in your tank. These are the basics. No matter how experienced we become or how many dives we accumulate these rules remain constant. Recently, while diving and having the time of my life, I, yes me, had an out of air experience. If I never have to use my Spare Air again I will be quite content, but I certainly will continue to carry it on all of my dives. It is this instructor's opinion that there is simply no better, more compact, easy to use, easy to carry, alternate air system available for recreational scuba divers. Thanks Spare Air." David Skydel, Oceanside, CA

"I have always said that it could never happen to me. Well, one day it did. I ran out of air at 75 ft. It was the second dive of the day, during the surface interval I swapped out tanks. My greatest mistake was that I never looked at the gauge. To my surprise, the second tank was never filled completely; it only had about 1000 psi. Thank God I was wearing my Spare Air. I simply put it in my mouth and began to breathe. At that moment I realized just how precious air is. Thank you for your ingenious product. I know it saved me from injury or perhaps death. Now I will not jump in without it!" "I just wanted you to know that your fantastic system that keeps me safe when diving, saved a little girls life last night. I was able to walk through thick smoke into our neighbors burning house with my mask and Spare Air and found the child trapped inside. Thanks Spare Air! It's the best life saver ever! I'll buy one for all my family members! Proudly made in the US indeed!" Paul van Zuylen, the Netherlands

"My dive buddy showed me his gauge, it read '0'!! I attempted to get my octopus to him but because of the strong current it was extremely difficult. At this moment I remembered my Spare Air. I pulled it out easily and handed it to him and he was breathing easier immediately. He bought a Spare Air the next day." Irving Feder, Miami Beach, FL

"I am writing to you to confirm that your Spare Air saves lives. When my son, an athletic 16 year old, came out of the ship, his pressure gauge showed 300 lbs and we began to ascend. He quickly in the excitement ran out of air and I handed him my Spare Air bottle. Our PADI training and your Spare Air bottle saved Hector's life that day. Thanks for a great product." Hector Mayol

"I am writing this letter to thank you for making a product that helped me save a life. We were at approximately 120 feet when my one friend signaled he was low on air. I noticed my other diving buddy signaling he was having problems with his air supply. We noticed he had a partial opening of his DIN valve. I now was faced with two problems; the first was a diver with less than 300 psi in his cylinder, and another diver with an intermittent supply of air. I made a very easy decision, I gave the first diver my octopus, the second diver my primary regulator and I took out my SPARE AIR. We immediately began our ascent at a normal rate of 60 ft. per minute and we were able to make the surface with no problem. I will always dive with my SPARE AIR due to this situation and along with the confidence that I can make a safe ascent from normal sport diving depths." Donald E. Nelson, PADI Instructor, Logansport, IN

"On my first dive with Spare Air it's need became apparent. At the 15 ft. safety stop I ran into the dive master who pointed at my Spare Air and motioned for me to give it to him and showed me he was out of air. I am now a firm believer in Spare Air and feel every instructor should consider having one." Chris Lane, NAUI 13569

"A few weeks ago I was diving San Carlos, Mexico. While taking a surface interval an inflatable safety sausage popped up in front of the boat. I put my mask on, grabbed my SPARE AIR and dove in. As it turns out, a diver had gone down without a buddy and had become tangled in heavy gauge fishing line and couldn't free himself. I helped him get untangled and we surfaced. I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't been carrying my SPARE AIR." Justin Kenton, Arizona

"For your information I have at least 2 saves and 5 assists as a rescue diver, and I often recommend to other divers that they utilize a Spare Air as an emergency back/up redundant system." David Runders, Elmira, NY

"As a divemaster I give testimonies to my three emergencies, which required using the SPARE AIR. Your product is a must in Solo Diving conditions. I explain to the students that your SPARE AIR eliminates that split second decision in whether to reach your dive buddy or emergency ascent during out of air emergencies. Believe me when I say, that alone is worth the investment." Robert Clarke, Dive Team President, Redondo Beach, CA

"I have been using Spare Air since it first came out: Even on deep dives where I have a pony bottle I still feel comfortable with my light weight spare air as an addition. For normal sport diving a spare air is all I need to get back to the surface safely though it is a good idea to train with it. Lately I have been using my Spare Air for a few unconventional ways, as a back up for crossing avalanche prone slopes along with other safety equipment of course, for white water kayaking & now my new sport Riverboarding, I just strap it to my waist or arm & its there if I get pinned in an eddy or under a strainer & need to wok out a self rescue. I use it skin diving all the time, my less than sporty version of free diving from a dive kayak anchored out to sea somewhere so I can enjoy the underwater environment longer than just one breath. Spare air is an amazing invention & I highly recommend it for all these sports!" Michael Coyne, Boston, MA

"I have already bought the SPARE AIR system and brought it back to Greece with me. I would like to inform you that SPARE AIR system is the most useful underwater equipment I have ever used. And this is not only my opinion, but the opinion of my fellow divers in Greece who use it. I just want to tell you a big thank you for giving divers the solution to their biggest problem." Michael Antonios Skoufos, Galesburg, IL

"I feel that Spare Air is the best piece of diving equipment that I own and couldn't bare to be without it." Bryan Dula, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"We recently purchased two of the Spare Air units. I really enjoy knowing I have the best diving insurance available. Thanks for a great idea and a great product." Dave Duncan, Santa Ana, CA

"I have made over 200 dives over a nine year period with this Spare Air. It is a most reliable alternate air source and while I do routinely maintain it, it has been a trouble-free piece of equipment, I believe you have a great idea and product. I recommend it to divers that I know." Jan S. Roush, Pearland, TX

"My family owns 3 of these units. I consider them required diving equipment". Stanley Levey, Van Nuys, CA

"As a scuba diver for many years, I have always felt comfortable knowing that your product was available should I or one of my dive buddies need emergency air. Thank you for making this remarkable unit available even if it only has to be used once in a lifetime!" Ron Long, Rowlett, TX

"I bought a unit about a month ago and recently went to Cayman Bay Club in Honduras. The SPARE AIR was a joy to use. I find that I am more streamlined and I dive knowing that I will always have a back up to my primary. For an experiment, I made an ascent from 130' with the SPARE AIR and found there to be enough air for a short safety stop at 15'. A couple of other divers used my unit as well and they liked it. It is a pretty easy sell." Mike Russell, Jamaica

"Members of Northland Aquanauts scuba club tested the SPARE AIR back up system at a club ice dive, 100 miles south of the border of Canada under very adverse winter conditions. A blizzard had just passed through and we were experiencing high winds and blowing and drifting snow. The wind chill temperature below the 25" thick ice was 34 degrees. Several deliberate attempts to force our SPARE AIR into 'free flow' were unsuccessful. The SPARE AIR was voted a very reliable, out of air emergency ascent device." Robert D. Edwards, President, Northland Aquanauts Club, Grand Rapids, MN

"As an avid underwater photographer, I have discovered that even though I dive with a buddy, with my nose in the reef most of the time, I and my buddy are basically solo diving. The availability of the SPARE AIR is a real blessing for underwater photographers and I appreciate your involvement in promoting these contests. I hope I never need it, but if I do I'll let you know." Don Peck

"Congratulations on a first class idea. I have been diving for over 10 years. While the concept of the buddy system is intended to provide safety, my opinion is that it is an almost total waste of time. My experience has been that 90% of the time the buddy is nowhere near you to effect a rescue. In my case, I usually am paired up with a total stranger on a dive boat. Will that person keep an eye on me? Forget it! I used Spare Air for the first time in the Caymans a few days ago and for the first time ever felt truly secure and safe at depth". Norman Linton, Tampa, FL

"It is my opinion that the Spare Air is the single most important piece of dive equipment that I wear. I have long since abandoned the false sense of security offered by buddy breathing and octopus regulators." Larry Toigo, West Des Moines, IA

"I am a PADI certified Open Water, Advanced Open Water, and Rescue Diver. I first started using my SPARE AIR when I started doing underwater video, and seemed to be by myself most of my dive. Later I started reading about the idea of 'Buddy-Less' Diving, because so many times I would be diving and pair up with someone that I didn't know, let alone know of his diving skills. This concern and the fact that I was a Rescue certified diver, brought me to the conclusion that a SPARE AIR was the safest and most prudent 'Backup' system to use. Not only is it a truly redundant air supply, if you encounter an out-of-air diver underwater, chances are that he will panic very quickly if he doesn't get some air soon and one of the safest things to do is just hand the diver your SPARE AIR and get away from him until he calms down. Then you can get to him and assist him to the surface. But panic can very easily get both the 'rescue-er' and the 'rescue-ee' drowned. And I have to say that I am much more confident of getting out of a bad situation by having a SPARE AIR within grasp as opposed to having an octopus." Kurt Karl Etling

"When diving, I'm a believer in 'Murphy's Law' and think it's important to have an alternate air source as I am not impressed by the way divers in general practice the Buddy System." Bob Gould, Miami, FL

I just received my SPARE AIR unit from your company, and could not be more pleased with the response to my problem. Your company cleaned the tank and overhauled the regulator. You also sent me a carry bag with instructions on how to install the washers. I have decided to never again dive without my SPARE AIR unit, and I'm recommending the same safety procedure to my diving friends. Thank you, again, for your prompt, kind, and outstanding customer service. Jim Luger, Minneapolis, MN

"I wrote to your company to request assistance with a problematic Spare Air. I am happy to report that I am again a completely satisfied customer, recommending your product to my diving friends. You may be interested to know that I dive with a group of 4 guys every weekend and I've convinced two of the three that they need a Spare Air." Al Testani, Boca Raton, FL

"I have received my Spare Air unit that you repaired for me. Not only did you repair the unit, you were gracious enough to upgrade the unit to a new standard that I was not familiar with. What is most amazing is that you did not charge me for either of the services. I will make it a point to let my diving colleagues know of your product, and more importantly, your customer service." George Tamalis

"UPS delivered our two repaired and rebuilt Spare Airs. I was very impressed with both the speed and the extent that Submersible Systems went to in responding to a customer complaint. We have never been treated better!" Robert Sigman, Appleton, WI

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for expediting and delivering my Spare Air to me. It was comforting to have the Spare Air strapped to me on my recent trip just in case something might have gone wrong. I really appreciate your sincere concern for your customer's needs." Ed Yamomoto

"About two weeks ago, before I knew I was taking this dive trip, I sent my Spare Air to Submersible Systems. I called the customer service department with my dilemma. At first, when it looked like my unit was not ready, you attempted to procure a replacement for me. When you called back, in less than an hour, you had found that my Spare Air had been serviced and would ship overnight so that I would have it in time for my dive trip." E. Trent McCarthy, Baton Rouge, LA

"Unfortunately UPS lost my unit coming back to me from being repaired by you. I called your company and indicated that I was leaving for Cayman Brac and wanted to take the unit with me. Chriss said that she would make sure either I received my unit or she would UPS overnight a loaner unit. UPS did not deliver, but Chriss did. I received the Spare Air just as she had promised. Thanks!" Rom Callahan, Osprey, FL

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