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Palau was created as a raised limestone plateau, which the forces of nature have carved into hundreds of islands, each with a tropical green coat of foliage. The terrain below the water line is similarly varied with shallow reefs, deep drop-offs, vertical holes, and horizontal caves and tunnels. There are numerous currents from far and near making the waters highly nutritious and supporting a food chain from plankton to mantas, and snappers to sharks and everything in between. So obviously, it’s a diving Mecca. You might want to read about some of the dive sites before you come back to find out how to dive this fascinating place

Palau is approximately 3000 km north of Uluru! (ie about 800 km due east of the Philippines). It’s hence fairly remote but as such obeys Richie’s Inverse Law of Diving which states: ‘The harder it is to get to – the better the diving will be!’ It’s nearest neighbour is Yap, about 300 km to the north east, and in the same direction, Guam, which is another 600 km onwards.

Palau can be dived year-round but it tends to rain frequently during July to October. Water temperature is usually warm at a range of 81-86°F (27-30°C) and a 3mm wetsuit will suffice

Shipwreck enthusiast will be spoilt for choice in Palau as there are many sunken remnants around Koror from World War II. Many are easily accessible and intact, and divers can take their pick from cargo ships, transport vessels, navy destroyers and Japanese Zero planes.

The 40 metre S/Y Palau Siren luxury liveaboard launched in July 2012 to offer year-round diving trips in Palau. The dining area is very spacious offering a great setting for all your meals. The dive deck is perhaps the most spacious and comfortable you would have experienced.

The Palau Siren has designated indoor and outdoor workstations for charging, preparation and maintenance of your camera and video equipment. Large storage drawers for your peripheral items are available, as well as numerous charging points, with adapters available (sockets are 2-pin European style at 220v or 110v) Naturally, we also have large rinse tanks with fresh water solely for camera and video equipment – this beautiful liveaboard vessel truly sets out to be the pros choice for underwater photography and videography.

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