Dear eScuba Retailer,

At eScuba, we have committed ourselves to producing the finest quality products available at fair and reasonable prices. We have also dedicated our efforts to building an excellent reputation with our authorized retailers and a highly-respected brand image with the consumer. To maintain this reputation, enable us to best position our products against those of our competitors, and protect the full-service retailers carrying our products, we are announcing, in this document, terms and conditions which retailers will be required to meet in order to become and remain authorized eScuba retailers.

In order to receive and maintain designation as an authorized eScuba Australian retailer and have its orders accepted by eScuba, a dealer must a) provide superior service and product support, b) position eScuba products as quality products and c) comply with restrictions and guidelines announced by eScuba in this letter and otherwise, for the marketing and sale of eScuba products.

A dealer will be considered in violation of this policy if the dealer:

(i) resells/transships eScuba products outside of Australia
(ii) markets an eScuba product in a manner that eScuba, in its sole discretion, believes is contrary to the brand image eScuba has developed for the product
(iii) fails to comply with good business ethics, governing laws and the terms and conditions established by eScuba for sale of distributed eScuba products in this policy and otherwise

Dealer understands that they may earn, at certain times depending on promotions, purchase credits that can be used towards future purchase orders for in stock only items. There will be no special orders and there is no cash value for these purchase credits.

This is a unilateral policy of eScuba. No agreement is sought, nor will eScuba accept any retailer's agreement with this policy. All eScuba representatives and personnel have been instructed that they are not to discuss this policy. eScuba requests that retailers not attempt to register complaints about other dealers or attempt to discuss their own pricing with eScuba. No such complaints or discussions will be accepted by eScuba and eScuba will not participate in such discussions. All inquiries regarding this policy are to be addressed solely to Melinda Herndon, Director, at eScuba corporate offices (