Submersible Systems Spare Air Pack Review

Submersible Systems Spare Air Pack

  • The answer for out-of-air emergencies
  • Added comfort when using rental equipment
  • Easier than an octopus

Buy Now is offering the perfect piece of gear for the safety minded diver in the Submersible Systems Spare Air Pack. Billed as the smallest, most compact redundant emergency air system available today, the Spare Air has been giving divers that added little bit of comfort and protection for over 30 years!

The Spare Air is a versatile system combining a common demand style regulator with a small aluminum cylinder that allows the divers that extra air needed to handle an unexpected out of air situation during a dive. The small bottle comes in either 1.7 cubic foot or the more popular 3.0 cubic feet and is easily and securely attached to the diver’s equipment with Deluxe Holster and Safety Leash included in the kit. Offering approximately 57 average breaths at the surface, the 3.0 cubic foot version is enough air to safely ascend from 30 meters. Its best use comes from being a small handy unit that is perfect for allowing the diver to solve an out of air or air interrupting situation underwater without having to make an emergency ascent. It can be passed off to a diver in distress to help them get a few breaths of air while they calm down and assess a situation or can allow the owner the air it takes to get to their buddy safely and comfortably for help.

The Spare Air is always ready for use and is easily refilled by using the Yoke Refill Adapter right off the divers own tank! Simply unscrew the protective cap and install the yoke adapter. It’s as easy as that!

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