Sherwood Wisdom 3 Air/Nitrox Air-Integrated Scuba Diving Computer Review

The intuitive dive computer made for to make dives more convenient.

Sherwood Wisdom 3 Air/Nitrox Air-Integrated Scuba Diving Computer

  • Full Function Air/Nitrox Dive Computer
  • Deep Stop Reminder-recommends a safety stop at depth in addition to the safety stop commonly recommended in the 20 to 10 foot range / 6 to 3 meter range

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On a typical dive the scuba diver needs to monitor their time underwater, time until they need to exit the water, how deep they are, where they are going, how to get back to their starting point and of course their air remaining. And that's if they do nothing more than jump into the water and relax. If they have another goal or purpose for the dive the diver could be keeping tabs on anything from camera equipment, to spear fishing gear or any number of extra items on top of it all. Knowing this, Sherwood Scuba set out to make scuba diver?s lives much more simple and convenient with the Sherwood Wisdom 3 Air Integrated Dive Computer.

The Wisdom 3 dive computer helps to simplify many of these concerns by starting with a screen laid out in a very common sense manor featuring LARGE, BOLD NUMBERS. Even for a diver who has not been in the water in awhile they are so clearly situated on the main screen of the computer that no diver should have trouble finding or understanding them. Add to that the color coded bar graphs backing up important information, indicating your nitrogen/oxygen loading and your ascent rate, both situated in easy to see spots around the perimeter of the computer and you have the ultimate in convenient dive computers.

Every other feature typically desired in a high-end dive computer is there as well. The log book will track up to 50 dives and is customizable by changing the sampling rate of the computer (a faster sampling rate tends to eat more memory space, giving you fewer dives logged). It is PC downloadable, back lit, and very simple to program. There's quite a list of things that can be programmed to customize the computer to the divers liking. Low tank pressure alarm, turn around gas pressure alarm, depth alarm, ascent rate alarm are all very easy to set. And of course, this tester's favorite. No alarms at all! The Wisdom 3 easily changes between metric or imperial readings and gas mixtures from 21% oxygen to 50% with ease. Sherwood offers it in a variety of configurations as well; with a compass, with a quick disconnect, with both the compass and quick disconnect or just as the computer and the hose alone!

All in all, this computer has all the bells and whistles the sport diver would ever need and will dramatically minimize the effort required to monitor the divers necessary information during a dive freeing them up to spend more time enjoying their dives!

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