Sherwood Oasis Regulator Review

Sherwood Oasis Regulator

  • Moisture Retention system reduces dry mouth and enhances comfort
  • Patented primary air sensing channel system to breathe comfortably under high demand conditions

Buy Now is rapidly working to make a name that is synonymous with quality and dependability. They continue that trend with the introduction of the 2013 Sherwood Oasis regulator. Already known for many years to be among the most consistent breathing regulators ever designed, the 2013 Sherwood Oasis boasts an improved, high performance, balanced first stage designed to deliver consistent air to the diver at any depth or tank pressure. With 2 High Pressure and 4 Low Pressure ports there is space enough for all your accessories or what eve configuration of your equipment you choose.

The newly redesigned 2nd stage keeps the Oasis regulators most famous feature. The Moisture Retention Vanes inside the 2nd stage housing serve to collect condensation during breathing. These droplets of moistures help keep the diver’s air hydrated and combat the dry mouth effect experienced with other regulators. The new look to the Oasis features a larger diaphragm designed for easy and precise response to your inhalation to deliver easy breaths of air. The exhaust opening and diaphragm have also been redesigned to minimize resistance during exhaling. New to the Oasis is the diver adjustable flow control switch. This conveniently located lever helps the diver to detune the regulator to help prevent free flow on entry or to free up the breathing slightly when the diver is working a bit harder and feels a little more airflow is needed. The last improvement to one of Scuba’s most notable regulators is Sherwood’s new Free Parts for Life Program. Keep the regulator serviced annually as recommended by the manufacturer and they’ll pay for the parts for the lifetime of the regulator. Be sure to see your local Sherwood Dealer for more details!

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