Sherwood Amphos Wrist Computer Watch Review

Sherwood Amphos Wrist Computer Watch

  • Full Function Air/Nitrox Dive Computer
  • Air, Nitrox, Gauge and Free Dive Modes

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Divers crave versatility. It's an issue that plagues us, as the vast majority of our equipment is very specialized and is designed for one purpose and one purpose only. Our fins are not made for walking. Our masks don't work on the ski slopes. Our cylinders and regulators might deliver air at altitude when we climb, but can you imagine carrying one around on the face of a mountain? So, it's a very exciting occasion when the manufacturers offer us an item that is versatile and can be easily used for other purposes than diving alone. and Sherwood are doing just this when they introduce to you the Amphos Wrist Watch Dive Computer! The Amphos is a feature-packed air/nitrox computer for scuba and/or free divers that doubles as a fully functional and stylish wristwatch! Sherwood designed it using the already successful and intuitive Wisdom 3 format making it simple to program and very easy to use and read. With a screen not cluttered with unnecessary information, the Amphos' user can still enjoy large, easy to see digits on a very small and compact screen. The Hydro Glow backlit display makes the computer even easier to read at night or in low light conditions.

Packed into this little marvel are a wealth of user changeable features such as the length of time the back lighting will glow, 2 gas modes, manual and/or water activation, sampling rate, a variety of alarms both audible and visual, and imperial or metric readings. It offers a 24 dive log and the ability to set your sampling rate. This is handy for those divers who use the PC Download kit (sold separately) to store their dives in a electronically as they can fine tune the amount of precision to their dive log entries to suit them.

But unlike most of dive gear the Amphos doesn't have to be stored away at the end of the day. As a fashionable and functional wristwatch Sherwood has included day and time, chronograph, and alarm features in a case that will look good once the diver has showered and dressed for the rest of their day. In fact, Sherwood may have invented one of the first pieces of gear the diver will never have to remove, except maybe to change the battery!

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