Sealife L.E.D. Video Light Review

3-in-1 Underwater Light for Photo, Video and Dive Includes flexible arm, universal mounting base and quick release light

Sealife L.E.D. Video Light
  • Works great with most digital underwater camera
  • Shock and Impact resistant L.E.D. bulbs
  • >The SeaLife Photo Video light serves as 3 lights in one

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Sealife has become the master at making underwater photography simple and affordable. Their 2 staple products, the DC1200 Underwater Camera and the Sealife Digital Pro Flash have made it possible for just about every diver to easily take underwater photos and video like a pro. Added to that is an extremely high product reliability rate and on the odd chance the user does experience a problem, they top it off with some outstanding customer service. At this point, most companies would take a step back, relax, treat themselves to a breather and simply enjoy the profits of their labors. But not Sealife. In a step that is sure to revolutionize underwater lighting for photography and video alike they have introduced the Sealife L.E.D. Video Light.

Sealife recognizes the need for a versatile underwater light to not only team up with their industry leading DC1200 Underwater Camera but also adapt to any manufacturer?s digital camera and underwater housing equipped with a common tripod mount in the base. With a depth rating of 330ft., the SL980 L.E.D. Video Light has been designed as an affordable, multi-purpose light with a primary function of offering bright, color correct lighting for underwater video using the latest in L.E.D. technology. Sealife lists innovative functions such as a simple, push button operation, designed to be used conveniently with one hand, that changes between a variety of power or use settings, and a flexible ball joint arm easily offering an unlimited amount of aiming choices among the primary features of this light. The light will also let the diver detach the head and hold the it for the perfect illumination in the tightest and closest of shots. In a pinch, it will even double as a more than adequate, back up main light for night diving, should the divers primary light suffer a failure. Using the latest in LED lighting technology from Cree, a leader in lighting innovation, the light features a 3watt per bulb, 3 diode head putting out an amazing 500 lumens of power in a very small, compact little light head. While the light is designed for use as a video light or to compliment the SL961 Digital Pro Flash , it more than holds its own as a primary light for close up, still photography.

Sealife again adapts the light for use by all ranges of underwater photography by utilizing customizable pin switches inside the housing the user can adjust power levels to adapt the light for any of the conditions the diver may experience underwater and even program a 2 second flash cancellation that dims the light when it detects an external strobe firing to combat over exposure of your once in a lifetime shot. Even when used on full power the light is designed to help the photographer eliminate hot spots and over exposure with a soft, 70 degree light beam that evenly illuminates the subject with no hot spots and color corrects with pure, true color enhancing lighting for close up photography. Finally, the light is powered by 4 AA batteries. The newer, quick-rechargeable AA batteries have been found to work perfectly well in the light allowing for an economical power source. Sealife has developed a video light, that for most divers would normally be a heavy, cumbersome, power hungry, battery eating headache and turned it into a convenient and efficient ?must have? piece of gear for any underwater photographer.

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