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March 25, 2010 3:04 PM Pacific (GMT -8)
Similan, Thailand (Andaman Sea)
There are two distinct attractions in Similan. The first is pinnacles covered with red and purple soft corals and bathed in nutrient-rich (and commonly murky) water, which attracts mantas and whale sharks. The second attraction is located west of Phuket, where you?ll find coral reefs, ravishing white sand bottoms, and a profusion of tropical fish. The close proximity of these radically different marine environments gives Similan its wonderful charm. Due to the many small islands, the way to dive this area is by liveaboard. Similan should be dived only from Nov to May, due to the monsoons in the rainy season.

Lat/long: 7? 54' N, 98? 24' E Time zone: Bangkok/Jakarta/Hanoi, GMT +7
Int'l airport: Phuket Int'l (HKT), Phuket, Thailand Nearest chamber:
Local/regional flights: Required Official language(s): Thai
Electricity: 220V 50Hz    Other common: English
Weights & measures: Metric Official currency: Baht
Public water supply: Not safe    Other common:
Biting insects:
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