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Sharks & Rays of the World
by Doug Perrine
A marine biologist and photojournalist, Perrine explores the natural history of sharks and rays, then offers profiles of some of the most colorful and best known. Excellent color photos. Hard cover/132 pages.

by Doug Perrine
An intro to sharks and an overview of their systems and lifestyle is followed by color photos and text covering 18 species. Soft cover/72 pages.

Blue Meridian: The Search for the Great White Shark
by Peter Matthiessen
Soft cover/208 pages.

The Shark Almanac
by Thomas B. Allen
Hard cover/336 pages. June 1999.

by J. D. Stevens
Hard cover/240 pages. 2nd edition, March 1999.

Sharks: Silent Hunters of the Deep
by Ron and Valerie Taylor
Soft cover/208 pages. Reprint edition, January 1993.

Do Sharks Ever...?
by Nathalie Ward, with illustrations by Tessa Morgan
For kids aged 4 to 8. Soft cover/32 pages. September 1999.

The Book of Sharks
by Richard Ellis
Marine painter/author Ellis has pulled together a great book for anyone who wants to learn about sharks. Illustrated with his paintings and photographs from various sources. Soft cover/224 pages.

Great White Shark
by Richard Ellis and John McCosker
Everything you ever wanted to know about this top ocean predator and more. Illustrated with paintings by Ellis and photographs by Al Giddings. Soft cover.

Results pages: 1
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