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Scuba Diving And Snorkeling For Dummies
by John Newman
Dive right into the wonderful world of undersea adventure with Scuba Diving and Snorkeling For Dummies. Paperback/376 pages.

US Navy Diving Manual: Volume 1 - Air Diving
by US Navy
Spiral bound cover/350 pages.

US Navy Diving Manual: Volume 2 - Mixed Gas Diving
by US Navy
Spiral bound cover/200 pages.

The Essentials of Deeper Sport Diving: An Overview of the Theory and Requirements of Deeper Diving
by John Lippmann
Soft cover/320 pages.

An Introduction to Technical Diving
by Ann Kristovich, Elizabeth Hunt and Jim Bowden
CD-ROM (January 1999).

A Simple Guide to Rebreather Diving
by Steven M. Barsky
Takes the mystery out of rebreathers and explains their technology in easy to understand language. Includes both semi-closed and closed circuit systems. 150 color photos/soft cover.

Dry Suit Diving: A Guide to Diving Dry (Third Edition)
by Steven M. Barsky, Dick Long and Bob Stinton
The essential guide for those considering buying a dry suit or those who already own one. Soft cover/187 pages.

The Sport Divers Guide to Sunken Treasure
by David Finnern
Interested in U/W treasure hunting? This book will guide you through metal detecting, bottle diving and more in both fresh and salt water. Soft cover/151 pages.

Dennis Graver's 100 Best Scuba Quizzes
by Dennis Graver
Not trivia - this book is loaded with multiple choice questions and answers on equipment, physiology, emergencies, and more. Great for reference and review. Graver was formerly the training director for both NAUI and PADI and has tremendous experience from which to draw. Soft cover/223 pages.

Diving on the Edge: A Guide for New Divers
by Michael Bane
Soft cover/198 pages.

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