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March 25, 2010 11:53 AM Pacific (GMT -8)
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The Underwater Photography Handbook
by Annemarie and Danja Kohler
Guide to basic techniques and equipment of underwater photography (and videography). Includes 200 full-color photos as well as color diagrams, tables and charts. Soft cover/160 pages.

The Underwater Photographer
by Martin Edge
Easy reading. Focuses more on skills and temperament than hardware. Soft cover/224 pages. 2nd edition (September 1999).

Jim Church?s Essential Guide to Composition: A Simplified Approach to Taking Better Underwater Pictures
by Jim Church
Whether you?re just a beginner or think you know what you?re doing, you?re sure to learn something from one of U/W photography?s most experienced teachers. Soft cover/166 pages.

Jim Church?s Essential Guide to Nikonos Systems
by Jim Church
This comprehensive book covers taking photos with the Nikonos V and Nikonos RS along with all their lenses, strobes and extension tubes. There are also sections on film and maintenance. Soft cover/271 pages.

The New Guide to Sea & Sea
by Joe Luburdi and Cara Sherman
Sea & Sea?s line of U/W photographic equipment is state of the art. This book explains how to produce high quality images using their amphibious cameras, lenses, strobes and SLR housings. Soft cover/336 pages.

Results pages: 1
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