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March 25, 2010 11:53 AM Pacific (GMT -8)
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Underwater Paradise: A Guide to the World's Best Diving Sites Through the Lenses of the Foremost Underwater Photographers
by Robert Boye
Seven photographers take you to their favorite sites with words and photos. The photographers are Carl Roessler (Red Sea), Valerie Taylor (Coral Sea), Marty Snyderman (Sea of Cortez), Geri Murphy (Truk and Palau), Stephen Frink (Caribbean), Paul Humann (Fiji) and Chris Newbert (Papua New Guinea). Hard cover/192 pages.

Water Light Time
by David Doubilet
This new book from one of the great masters of photography is loaded with choice photos that are both meditative and provocative. A must-have for any Doubilet fan and stunningly attractive for your coffee table or library. Hard cover/240 pages. July 1999.

In a Sea of Dreams
by Christopher Newbert and Birgitte Wilms
Not quite as spectacular as Newbert?s first book, this is still one of those books every diver?s library should have. Hard cover/204 pages.

Secrets of the Ocean Realm
by Michele and Howard Hall
Michele said it best: This is ?A visual and verbal chronicle of the adventure of underwater filmmaking.? Many beautiful photos. Hard cover/176 pages.

Wonders of the Reef
by Stephen Frink
This book features many of the author?s favorite photographs as well as his insights into why and where the photos were taken. Lots of information on U/W photography. Hard cover/160 pages/128 photos.

Coral Seas
by Roger Steene
Not quite as nice as his first book but still a far above average effort. The photos will amaze even the most jaded diver. Hard cover/272 pages.

Within a Rainbowed Sea
by Christopher Newbert
The hardcover version is stunning; easily the most spectacular U/W book ever produced. Wonderful photos and text. The soft cover version is a close second. A must for those who love the sea. Soft cover/226 pages.

Results pages: 1
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