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Palau: Portrait of Paradise
by Mandy Thijssen-Etpison
This book is pricey and you'll have to wait for it to come in (4-6 weeks), but it's worth it. Covers Palau today, its history, culture and traditions. Detailed descriptions and photos from many Palau dive sites, along with sections on shells, marine life, reptiles and birds. Hard cover/250 color pages. March 1995.

Lonely Planet Diving & Snorkeling Cuba
by Diana Williams
For Americans, Cuba is one place that truly is "so close and yet so far away." If you want tips on what awaits you in this relatively dormant but special dive destination, pick up this handy guide. Soft cover/144 pages. 2nd edition (October 1999).

Lonely Planet Australian Phrasebook
by Sue Butler
If you're taking a trip to the Great Barrier Reef or elsewhere in Australi, and you're not an Aussie, this book will be a big help in understanding what the locals are saying. Also includes a section on Aboriginal language and culture. Soft cover/256 pages. October 1998.

Lonely Planet Panama
by Scott Doggett
Soft cover/384 pages. January 1999.

Lonely Planet New Zealand
by Peter Turner, Jeff Williams and Nancy Keller
Soft cover/689 pages. September 1998.

Puerto Rico: Off the Beaten Path
by John Marino
Soft cover/256 pages. September 1999.

Fodor's Pocket Puerto Rico
by Caroline Haberfeld

Lonely Planet Puerto Rico
by Randall S. Peffer
Soft cover/304 pages. October 1999.

Lonely Planet Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands
by Rob Rachowiecki
Soft cover/512 pages. January 1997.

Lonely Planet Outback Australia
by Denis O'Byrne
Soft cover/536 pages. February 1998.

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