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The Odyssey
by Homer
The Odyssey remains the classic sea tale for even the most casual reader. Join Odysseus for his wild and wonderful (and harrowing) escapades across the ancient Mediterranean and see the sea as the archetypal mariner and adventurer saw it. The original - and the best - sea adventure in the history of literature. Soft cover/541 pages.

Lieutenant Hornblower
by C. S. Forester
The second in the series. Here we meet the ever-striving Hornblower fighting with the Spanish in the Caribbean, meeting unbelievable hardship and violence with courage and daring. He and his shipmates endure a half-mad captain, and pass back to the interim peace in England. Hornblower faces poverty with resolution until war comes again. Soft cover/313 pages.

Mr. Midshipman Hornblower
by C. S. Forester
We meet the unforgettable Horatio Hornblower, in some of his liveliest adventures as a young seaman. The A&E series was based on this book, the earliest experiences of our hero in the Navy in ten incredible episodes of war, the sea and honor. Soft cover/310 pages.

Moby Dick
by Herman Melville
1998 telefilm directed by Franc Roddam, starring Patrick Stewart and Gregory Peck. DVD, with production notes.

Moby Dick or the Whale
by Herman Melville
Melville?s classic is a must read for anyone seriously involved in the sea. Full of curious incidents and action, it is also the novel par-excellence for the student of philosophy. It is quoted over and over in popular literature, television and movies, and Captain Ahab remains a presence in sea lore more today than ever. Hard cover/822 pages.

by Joseph Conrad
CD-ROM with text/126 pages.

by Joseph Conrad
Soft cover/144 pages.

The Mirror of the Sea
by Joseph Conrad
Soft cover/175 pages.

The Oxford Book of Sea Stories
by Tony Tanner
A good selection of some of the best short sea stories in English. Another enjoyable bedside book for those enthralled by the sea but who, sometimes, sleep on dry land. Soft cover.

Lord Hornblower
by C. S. Forester
Soft cover/322 pages.

Results pages: 1 2 3 4 5
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