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March 25, 2010 11:52 AM Pacific (GMT -8)

Test Your Hazardous Marine Life I.Q.
by Bill Clendenen, DAN Vice President, Training, and Dan Orr, DAN Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Take the following quiz to test your knowledge of hazardous marine life.

True or False:

  1. Jellyfish stings should be irrigated with freshwater immediately to clean the tentacles from the wound.

  2. Sea snakes bites should be immediately incised and suctioned to rid the body of venom.

  3. Most aquatic life injuries occur due to aggressive actions on the part of the animal.

  4. Jellyfish stings should be immersed in hot water to neutralize the nematocysts.

  5. Handling marine life poses no threat to the animal or diver if you wear appropriate exposure protection.

  6. Foreign material in a wound caused by marine life should not be removed.

  7. Vomiting should not be induced under any circumstance because of suspected seafood poisoning.

  8. Heat inactivates the toxin carries by fish and cooking fish always eliminates the risk of poisoning.

  9. Infection is not a concern with cuts caused in the ocean because the seawater disinfects the wound.

  10. Medical professionals should always evaluate injuries caused by marine life.


All answers are false.

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